About us

I decided to create this website to share my experimentations in the information security field. We are a group with passion for infosec and enthusiast to discuss and do some research. I am now hoping that this website will allow us to learn to and from others.

Note: The information published here and on our Github is purely private research and does not engage or has any relation to past and current employers of the authors. Information on this blog shall only be used for learning and improvement purpose. We condemn all unethical usage of the information and tools available on the current website and the related Github page.

This site is open and its goal is to share, you never have to login to post a message or a comment. However, in order to respect others, do not post any advertising, any illegal or irrelevant message, the Sevagas team reserves the right to remove any message or comments without any warning.

You can send us any information you want. If you want your message to be confidential you can use our gpg iconGpg key