This section target all kind of softwares, code and applications which are specifically aimed at cybercrime.

In the mid 90ths we were in the far west in term of cybersecurity. Hacking and phreaking techniques were used next to various viruses and worms that where just build for fun. Security was so week that with a simple TXT tutorial a kid could take down an important server or BSOD a friends’ PC!
Now security has improved in both technical implementation and method, however cybercrime is now stronger and organized. It is rare to find a build from scratch malware, now specialists are dedicated to each malware part (exploitation, cryptor, rootkit, packer, banker, and others...). Virus evolved to become multi-module arsenal with autoprotection. They generate a lot of money in businesses such as botnet rent, stealing identify, robbing credit card numbers. If the 90ths was the far west, now we could say we are in the "chicago" period!! Hoping that the fact most organizations and governments are using malwares as weapons does not bring us to the "World War" era!

The last articles

My VBA Bot
Published on 11 July 2016
by Emeric Nasi

Note: Malware mechanisms notions and programming knowledge are required to fully understand this paper.. I Introduction.

6 months ago I didn’t have a clue on how MS Office VBA worked. In fact I did not even know that MS Office documents where just ZIP archive! As other members of CERTs I (...)

Bypass Antivirus Dynamic Analysis
Published on 24 August 2014
by Emeric Nasi

Note: This paper requires some knowledge on Windows system programming. I Introduction.

« Antivirus are easy to bypass », « Antivirus are mandatory in defense in depth », «This Cryptor is FUD» are some of the sentence you hear when doing some researches on antivirus security.

I asked (...)