The human factor

Because computer security does not only concern admins or geeks.

It is said that you find 90% of computer bugs between the computer and the chair.
That sentence can be applied to computer security.
Most people have difficulties to identify the true value of their IT assets.
Whereas we talk about a big company manager or a simple housewife, it is important to know what you protect, and why you have to do it.
Phishing, data stealing, malwares almost always relies on a lack of attention of the end user.
An admin can stop watching his logs because they are to complicated, a child can open an email he thinks is from his friend, a manager can pressure his employee not to bother about security because it takes “to much time”.

So before you say, “I (or my company) has nothing to hide, nobody wants to hack me so I don’t have to bother” read the articles in this section!
And think again

The last articles

Data stealing with emule
Published on 21 September 2010
by Jeremie Goldberg

In order to prove how insecure edonkey (emule) user’s systems may be, I will show you how easy it is to enter these people’s privacy without them knowing it and with no hacking abilities.

The basis of this method is that some people do not realize what happens when they share their entire (...)