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Emeric Nasi

I am a French Security researcher. I worked as a developer for couple of years and then decided to create the Sevagas information Security blog in 2009 during a 35000 km (9 months) trip all around Australia :-). The goal was to publish tutorials, articles, and tools.

I founded in 2016 SEVAGAS Information Security to offer to my customers the results of my researches and experience in cybersecurity.

My previous assignments were to work as CyberSecurity Expert and Business coordinator and earlier security architect in energy field (SCADA and control systems). I also worked as consultant on subjects like code auditing, payment applications and PCI-DSS environment.

You can find news about the Sevagas website and myself on my twitter account .
My professional resume is available on my linkedin account.
You can contact me using the form below. If you need to contact me in a more confidential way, you can use this gpg iconGPG key or you can use ProtonMail and send a message to ena.sevagas[ at ]

Note: I am using my public identity on this blog, I and honest with you and expect the same in return. I will generally not answer to emails if I cannot link the senders to a real identity, especially if they concern exploit or malware writing.

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